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An animated TV series centered on the child of the legendary Speed Racer – a young talent named after his father who enrolls in an academy for the fastest kids on Earth.
The idea of Speed&#39;s own son going to a racing school work out nicely. If done correctly. Let&#39;s just list five of what I find disappointing from just seeing one episode.<br/><br/>1. The character designs, they look nothing like the original anime. If they weren&#39;t going to pay a Japanese animation company to do this series, they could of focused on how to draw anime books to make the characters of this and the predecessor look like they are in the same Speed Racer universe.<br/><br/>2. The animation, I&#39;m guessing they had to make it as low budget as possible. Sure the original anime had stiffness but do that had to comply with this series as well. Cause it didn&#39;t look right for everyone to look like they have stiff joints.<br/><br/>3. Supporting cast, If they were going to include supporting characters, they can at least be more creative. Cause most of the racing students look like they came straight from a typical high school TV show.<br/><br/>4. lack of violence, that&#39;s what made the original so great to watch was the violence. But for this they removed all of the guns &amp; heavy use of car crashes. I blame this on parents who think cartoons are better off without these.<br/><br/>5. lame villains, all we have is an almost evil business man who is after the gas-less engine of the Mach 6. The original had awesome villains including terrorists, mobs, assassins, &amp; insane racers. Those guys made the anime a classic, you remove those from this show and then you&#39;re left with a boring segment with less appealing villains.<br/><br/>Peter Ferandaz appears as an Older Spritle, which is cool they actually got him to do the voice of an original character. But not even he was able to save the show.<br/><br/>Cause in the end they fail to make this a true sequel to the original anime. Those who want to see a sequel to original Speed Racer will be disappointed with this one.
Contrary to what other reviewers may say, the sequel to the original cartoon/manga works out well.<br/><br/>The problem with sequels is that so many people hold the originals to such a high regard because the originals were usually executed at an early time in that viewer&#39;s life. It&#39;s hard for such viewers to admit that they weren&#39;t always as critical or as intelligent in their youth as they are today.<br/><br/>Going back, I re-watched some of the original Speed Racer cartoons, and having little previous memory of them I was able to watch them with a critical eye.<br/><br/>The original cartoon really was weak from a script, animation and direction standpoint. This isn&#39;t surprising since it was in an era where stock animated cells were used often in the industry (exactly how long are the hallways in Hanna-Barbara cartoons anyway?).<br/><br/>To say that the execution of the Next Generation is weaker than the original series really is like saying the special effects of original star trek were better than say in Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager.<br/><br/>I use the Star Trek comparison because I don&#39;t want people to think I&#39;m bashing the original Speed. The original speed is unpolished, some scripts were fun, others weren&#39;t. Original Star Trek is unpolished, some scripts were fun, others were downright terrible. So, Maybe you don&#39;t like TNG for Speed or TNG for Star Trek, that&#39;s fine; but don&#39;t blame the script quality or the special effects for your dislike. Fact is Original Speed used quite a few stock scripts, generic stories of the time with no real originality. Same with original Trek (just take them out of space and put them on &quot;Wagon Train&quot;, you&#39;ll see what I mean). SR:TNG mostly tried something new, same thing with ST:TNG.<br/><br/>One big plus to the series is unlike the movie, Speed Racer: TNG does NOT re-write speed racer history. It adds to it. Nothing changes a single episode of the original series.

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