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Once the ruler of an entire universe, the Great Spirit Mata Nui finds himself cast out of his own body, his spirit trapped inside the fabled Mask of Life, hurtling through space. After landing on the far-away planet of Bara Magna, the mask creates a new body for Mata Nui, who unwillingly gets caught up in the furious battles of the nearly barren and dangerous planet. The locals, called Agori ask for his help against the unrelenting army of the Rock Tribe, called the Skrall and their leader, Tuma. The Glatorian warriors start to train him, teach him how to protect himself, while Mata Nui also adds some of his special powers to their fighting skill. The experienced veteran Ackar, the feisty female Kiina, the young Glatorian Gresh, and a friendly, special beetle named Click aid him on his way. But there is a traitor among the Agori, and bigger secrets lay hidden under the sands of the desert planet. Mata Nui must help his new-found friends, but he also has to find a way to return to his old body and take revenge on the evil being who had banished him.
OK, let me just get this out of the way first: &quot;Bionicle&quot; is the one word that pretty much defines my childhood. I grew up with these &quot;some-assembly-required&quot; action figures. Bionicle has been with me since I was 6 years old, and even though Bionicle was ended a few years back, I will always cherish the many memories this franchise has brought me, and I will never forget. Heck, I still keep all the parts and figures I&#39;ve bought over the years, they&#39;re in a large box under my bed, and hardly a week goes by without me taking it out and just playing around with them again.<br/><br/>Anyway, let&#39;s get on with the review: I was really excited to see the recent Bara Magna storyline be wrapped up with a movie. It isn&#39;t the first time Bionicle has been brought to the big screen, but it will probably be the last.<br/><br/>The movie does a good job of portraying the characters and bringing them to life: Mata Nui acts appropriately out-of-place for a god that has been banished from his own universe, Ackar plays the &quot;old sage&quot; role well, Kiina is the cheerful and confident one, while Gresh is the inexperienced hothead. The characters are mostly well done, but I do have complaints: Tuma and the Skrall.<br/><br/>When Mata Nui And Tuma fight at what is supposedly the movie&#39;s climax, Tuman waltzes around and brags without paying attention, letting Mata Nui exploit a weakness that doesn&#39;t even make any sense.<br/><br/>Also, since when did the Skrall mysteriously lose the ability to talk? Not a single Skrall in the entire movie said a word, just grunts and growls, coming off like they were some sort of heavily confused Brakas monkeys(gotta love Bionicle references).<br/><br/>Voice acting, however, is well done: James Arnold Taylor I already know thanks to me being a huge fan of the Ratchet &amp; Clank series of games, and he does a great job of making Berix the movie&#39;s source of comic relief. The rest of the cast is also great at their jobs.<br/><br/>The characters in the movie and the environments are well designed, they way the gears in the character&#39;s bodies swirl around is a nice touch of realism, and their designs stay true to their real-life toy counterparts.<br/><br/>The storyline is one of the weaker aspects, but Mata Nui manages to carve his own niche in the legacy of heroes that Bionicle has produced over the years, but aside from this the story is pretty weak.<br/><br/>For starters, it fails to stand on its own merits: In order to really understand what&#39;s going on you&#39;ll need some background, it&#39;s hard to get a grasp without an extensive knowledge of the Bionicle lore. Since I&#39;ve been following Bionicle ever since its very beginning, I had no problems with this, but I came across many scenes in the movie where I only felt like I knew what was going on because I knew the backstory.<br/><br/>Second: The story is linear and predictable, even if you don&#39;t know the backstory. We Bionicle fans already knew Metus was a traitor beforehand, since it had been revealed in an earlier web-story, but I couldn&#39;t shake the feeling that even if I didn&#39;t know, I probably would&#39;ve figured it out rather quickly.<br/><br/>Thirdly: The movie doesn&#39;t really feature a satisfying ending for casual movie fans. Granted, the story is continued on Bionicle&#39;s websites, but as a stand-alone story the ending leaves you with a lot of questions that will pretty much go unanswered.<br/><br/>As for the animation and camera work, action sequences and so on, I can only say one thing: &quot;LAZY&quot;<br/><br/>The movie&#39;s fight scenes usually just feature characters banging swords and shields for the most part, although the initial battle between Strakk and Ackar wasn&#39;t too shabby. The second Glatorian duel between Tarix and Vastus, on the other hand, is rather baffling, are they fighting or performing exceedingly violent aerobics?<br/><br/>The same goes for the huge battle at the movie&#39;s climax. According to pretty much every piece of Bionicle lore outside of the movie, the Skrall were supposed to be incredibly fierce warriors that were unbeatable in the arena, so why does it all of a sudden seem like they&#39;re a bunch of dimwitted grunts who hardly know how to swing a sword? This is the kind of stuff I&#39;m left wondering about.<br/><br/>I had an easier time enjoying the movie because I was familiar with Bionicle, but that&#39;s cold comfort I suppose.
There were several Lego and Bionicle films released, mostly direct to video obviously. This is ranked as the worst of them and with good reason. I admit that the animation and voice acting was good, but that&#39;s really it. It&#39;s just way too clich├ęd. We get talks about honor and courage and loyalty and blah, blah. The characters aren&#39;t really well defined either. The plot is that a magic mask takes a new form on another planet and helps save their people.<br/><br/>There&#39;s really nothing too bad or good about this. It&#39;s just not worth getting worked up over. It&#39;s at least better than the horrible &quot;The Final Destination&quot; and &quot;Halloween II&quot; movies I had to sit through. Bionicle is part of Lego obviously and this proceeds the Lego Movie. Gee, I wonder which of these will be more fondly remembered? It&#39;s too short to even pay that much attention to. **

Glatorian: Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, Tarix, Vastus, Strakk, several Vorox<br/><br/>Agori: Raanu, Berix, Metus, numerous unnamed Fire Tribe, Water Tribe, Ice Tribe, Jungle Tribe, and Rock Tribe Agori.<br/><br/>Skrall: Tuma, numerous unnamed warrior and elite-class Skrall<br/><br/>Bone Hunters: numerous unnamed Bone Hunters and Rock Steeds<br/><br/>Animals: Click the Scarabax beetle and his swarm<br/><br/>Other: Makuta Teridax (unnamed in the movie), several generic Matoran. It isn&#39;t a direct sequel to any of them. The three years&#39; worth of storyline described in the BIONICLE books, comics and serials of 2006, 2007 and 2008 didn&#39;t receive movie adaptations, and this movie was meant to follow those stories. Yes, the ending very clearly indicates that this movie was written to act as the first episode of a multi-part series. However, LEGO put the BIONICLE line on hiatus shorty after its release due to declining toy sales, and so the sequel was scrapped. The story was concluded in the BIONICLE comics, the last BIONICLE novel that LEGO released for free on their website, and in other online content. The opening shows the Great Spirit robot, called Mata Nui, rising up from beneath the Mata Nui island. The robot is then taken over by the spirit and mind of the evil Makuta Teridax, who proceeds to banish Mata Nui&#39;s spirit into the Mask of Life, ejecting it into space.<br/><br/>This adaptation of the scene as described in the earlier BIONICLE comics and novels contains many inconsistencies. For one, the island is shown to be a lush, tropical paradise, but in the story, it had already been turned into a barren wasteland. It is unclear why the creators decided to disregard this bit of continuity. The movie uses the Bone Hunters&#39; earlier design. When released as toys, they were redesigned and the designs used in the movie became the Rock Agori toys. LEGO put their BIONICLE line of toys on hiatus during the production of the film&#39;s sequel. Since they wanted to move on to other projects, the movie was scrapped along with the planned toy-line. Yes, the movie&#39;s events were continued in the BIONICLE comics, novels and online serials. Throughout the film, hints are dropped that there may be more to Bara Magna&#39;s villages than what can be seen. At the end of the movie, the characters discover that by dragging the villages together and joining them up, they form a gigantic robot.<br/><br/>In the planned but scrapped sequel, our heroes would have tried to find a power source for the robot, using the map of a maze they discover on the shield of a Skrall soldier. After re-powering the robot, Mata Nui would have transfered his soul into it, to use it to battle the evil Makuta, who has taken over his original giant robot body in the movie&#39;s opening scene. The Great Beings are the creators of the Matoran Universe, and thus, Mata Nui. During BIONICLE&#39;s earlier storyline, they were said to be beings with godlike powers, way more powerful than Mata Nui himself.<br/><br/>Later on, it was established that they were mere people, the governing rulers of the planet Spherus Magna. They only had power over their creations, but not the entire world. Spherus Magna&#39;s destruction and the birth of the desert planet Bara Magna was a result of their negligence toward their planet. Instead of ruling over it, they dedicated their life to science. When war erupted on the planet, they didn&#39;t interfere soon enough, and the planet shattered into smaller fragments. That&#39;s why Kiina hates them, because she feels they were responsible for the &quot;Shattering&quot;.<br/><br/>Mata Nui and the other giant robot are not, as some would probably assume from watching the movie, Great Beings. They are Great Being&#39;s creations. Tuma&#39;s fate is left very vague. He is defeated by Mata Nui in combat, collapses, and disappears from the rest of the movie. He remained alive, although injured and deprived from his pride and authority. He was to appear again in the canceled sequel, bossing a small group of Skrall who remained loyal to him.
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